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Skate Fresh forever!)
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А между тем Голландия ждет )


The Ascension Skate 2014!

Coming year we are organizing The Ascension Skate 2014! This is taking place at the 28th of May till the 1st of June. During this four day skate tour we skate through the provinces of North and South Holland.

We stay at the campsite De Hollandse Boederij in Bodegraven, and camp there during the whole event. All routes start and end from this location. This is a normal campsite and you have to bring your own tent. But there are also sleeping places for about 10 persons in a dorm. Be aware these places are limited.

The first tour starts on Thursday 29th of May. The daily distance is about 80 km. Most of the routes have a shortcut (50 km). So if you are feeling lazy or want to be on time for the BBQ ;-) you can cut out a part of the route by joining the shortcut group.

During the tour we skate in groups of approximately 12 skaters. Each group has its own guide. There are two different group speeds, where 1 is fast and 2 is average. There is one group who will skate a shorter distance. If you are not able to skate all distances or you cannot skate at all, you also can cycle the tour. You can join a group of skaters.


For having a save and fun full journey there are some conditions for joining this skate event. First of all you must be able to brake. The second condition is that you are able to skate on an average speed of approximately 18 km/h. Skating with a helmet is obligated. Participated the tour is at your own risk.

The cost of the event is ? 190, -- p.p. which includes a four night stay at the campsite, breakfast, snacks during the tour, a BBQ at Saturday evening and a tour remembrance.

The maximum number of participants is 70, the minimum is 40. The registration is open. If you want to join the tour, fill-in the registration form and send it back to

If you have any questions don't hesitate and send me an email at

We are looking forward to see you on The Ascension Skate 2014!

Kind regards,

Angelique Wouters
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