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Skatetour 2016. Магическая Голландия зовет) UPDATE
Ведущий: nickless
Дата: 15 сентября (вторник)

Голландские друзья решили возродить традиционную покатушку под новым названием и приглашают нас к участию.

Время : c вечера 4 мая 2016 по день (приблизительно 14.00) 8 мая 2016.
Место: Кемпинг 'Kampeerhoeve Koole' возле деревни 'Noorden' что неподалеку от городка 'Alphen aan den Rijn'
Подробности: пока в разработке, будут известны приблизительно в середине Октября.
UPD: Подробности появились, см.стр. 2 ))) Регистрация с 15 Ноября!
Представление о формате и ответы на многие FAQи можно найти в теме похожей покатушки The Ascension Skate 2014 viewtopic.php?f=3&t=49102

Письмо от организаторов в оригинале:

Now, after talking with many skaters in the Netherlands, Germany & other countries which miss the skatetour in the Netherlands we decided to form a new team.
It would be great if you could inform some Russian friends of you that we will organize a 4 day skatetour between may 4th (in the evening) and 8th (until about 2 pm). Because we are still not sure if we will offer also a short distance the participants should be able to skate 70 kilometers daily. This year we also provide the possibility to sleep in a group accommodation. We already have booked a accommodation with sleeping rooms for about 8 persons. So your Russian friends don’t have to bring tents and camping stuff (bringing a sleeping bag and pillow is necessary as well). Totally we have space for about 25 people in the group accommodation. The rest must stay at the campsite as each year. We also try to provide dinner at this accommodation so that the participants haven’t to leave the campsite for dinner. The location is only about 1,5 hour from airport Schiphol with public transport but I’m sure that at this time we can organize something easy for our foreign visitors. We still have to calculate exactly the costs but at the moment we think it will cost about 200/220? including breakfast & dinner. More detail information we will send in end of September or October. It would be great if you could already inform some Russian skatefriends of you? Maybe they are interested. If they need more information earlier, they can contact me.

Kind regards
Antje Jung

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Alegria 07.04.16 09:21

"Atom" писал:
Вы там на FNS собираетесь в Амстер или в Утрехт?

Пока не известно. Детальный план еще не прислали.

Aura 06.04.16 11:34

"nickless" писал:
И да, в 2008 Скейтфреш был лучшим)))

Эх... ностальгия...